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Laffin Sr./1980
Today In History
This day - Jul. 11 - in history, 61 Heroes Have Fallen
View July 11 Martin, George W. CA Mon 07/11/1859 George Martin
View July 11 Wright, Augustus T. NY Thu 07/11/1861 Augustus Wright
View July 11 Stephenson, John C. NJ Fri 07/11/1873 John Stephenson
View July 11 Moad, Thomas P. TX Wed 07/11/1883 Thomas Moad
View July 11 Lusk, Harrison WV Tue 07/11/1899 Harrison Lusk
View July 11 McDermott, Thomas J. TN Mon 07/11/1904 Thomas McDermott
View July 11 Mitchell, Houston TN Mon 07/11/1904 Houston Mitchell
View July 11 Nicholson, Thomas IA Sat 07/11/1908 Thomas Nicholson
View July 11 Kolhoven, Christopher KY Wed 07/11/1917 Christopher Kolhoven
View July 11 Kidwell, Lester M. DC Thu 07/11/1918 Lester Kidwell
View July 11 Bernard, Alphonse G. CA Sun 07/11/1920 Alphonse Bernard
View July 11 Mueller, Ernest IL Fri 07/11/1924 Ernest Mueller
View July 11 Simmons, Gus WV Mon 07/11/1927 Gus Simmons
View July 11 Jones, Robert Casey NC Wed 07/11/1928 Robert Jones
View July 11 True, John M. WA Fri 07/11/1930 John True
View July 11 Hinton, Hoover KY Mon 07/11/1932 Hoover Hinton
View July 11 Cotter, William F. MO Wed 07/11/1934 William Cotter
View July 11 Jenista, James Francis IL Wed 07/11/1934 James Jenista
View July 11 Freese, Guy Albert TX Thu 07/11/1935 Guy Freese
View July 11 Morgan, John W. FL Sat 07/11/1936 John Morgan
View July 11 Favata, Angelo E. NY Mon 07/11/1938 Angelo Favata
View July 11 Wolfe, Charles Harrison IN Mon 07/11/1938 Charles Wolfe
View July 11 Stansell, F. E. CA Fri 07/11/1941 F. Stansell
View July 11 Gresham, Deward Burton CA Sat 07/11/1942 Deward Gresham
View July 11 Hedges, Richard L. NY Sat 07/11/1942 Richard Hedges
View July 11 Costello, William J. NY Wed 07/11/1945 William Costello
View July 11 F. Kong, Frank A. HI Fri 07/11/1952 Frank F. Kong
View July 11 Mumby, Ed ND Sat 07/11/1953 Ed Mumby
View July 11 Breen, Edward H. IL Sun 07/11/1954 Edward Breen
View July 11 Hause, Joseph C. OK Sun 07/11/1954 Joseph Hause
View July 11 Marsden, James H. MO Thu 07/11/1957 James Marsden
View July 11 Grabner, Robert Paul CA Wed 07/11/1962 Robert Grabner
View July 11 Privett, Henry Eugene GA Wed 07/11/1962 Henry Privett
View July 11 Moore, Samuel Harold CA Wed 07/11/1962 Samuel Moore
View July 11 Bohannon, Ishmall Worth GA Sun 07/11/1965 Ishmall Bohannon
View July 11 Temple, Oliver B. AL Sun 07/11/1971 Oliver Temple
View July 11 Jones, Raymond MO Wed 07/11/1973 Raymond Jones
View July 11 Gambill, William F. FL Wed 07/11/1973 William Gambill
View July 11 Schrader, Edward M. CA Thu 07/11/1974 Edward Schrader
View July 11 Downing, Douglas Donald MI Fri 07/11/1975 Douglas Downing
View July 11 Mullins Jr., William Riley TX Sun 07/11/1976 William Mullins Jr.
View July 11 Norris, Artis PA Wed 07/11/1979 Artis Norris
View July 11 Mobley, Jimmy Wayne VA Wed 07/11/1979 Jimmy Mobley
View July 11 Conte, Joseph FL Wed 07/11/1979 Joseph Conte
View July 11 Black, William Douglas VA Wed 07/11/1979 William Black
View July 11 Casasanta, Donald R. RI Sat 07/11/1981 Donald Casasanta
View July 11 Pribbenow, Ferdinand Frederick KS Sat 07/11/1981 Ferdinand Pribbenow
View July 11 III, Joseph Omlin OR Mon 07/11/1983 Joseph III
View July 11 Smith, Donald E. OR Mon 07/11/1983 Donald Smith
View July 11 Harris, Jonathan David WV Thu 07/11/1985 Jonathan Harris
View July 11 Phelps, Richard Stanley PA Tue 07/11/1989 Richard Phelps
View July 11 Rivera Jr., Daniel C. NM Tue 07/11/1989 Daniel Rivera Jr.
View July 11 Stewart, Henry J. NY Sat 07/11/1992 Henry Stewart
View July 11 Diaz-Encarnacion, Aurea Esther PR Sun 07/11/1993 Aurea Diaz-Encarnacion
View July 11 Maxwell, Richard Alan CA Mon 07/11/1994 Richard Maxwell
View July 11 Egelski, Bryon S. MI Mon 07/11/1994 Bryon Egelski
View July 11 Hale, Paul Andrew NC Fri 07/11/1997 Paul Hale
View July 11 Johnson Jr., Don Carlton FL Sun 07/11/1999 Don Johnson Jr.
View July 11 Caton, Sheridan O. PA Sun 07/11/2004 Sheridan Caton
View July 11 Collins II, Charles Floyd DC Sun 07/11/2010 Charles Collins II
View July 11 Long, Brent Daniel IN Mon 07/11/2011 Brent Long








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